2011. május 11., szerda

The escaped lion 5

5th part

We get an idea

We went back, everyone started to think how could we keep it a secret? I got an idea,"what about if we hide the cave?"
"Ok" said Granny and Granddad.

On Saturday we went to the market we got 5 big blankets. We went to the forest and we put them on the cave, so it looks like a rocky hill.

Next day we went back. We saw six children standing there with meat in each of the children's hand.
Something jumped out from behind the blankets...

... It was a tiny cute cub with a bunny soft toy in his mouth.
Everyone laughed. J

                                          The End

2011. május 10., kedd

The escaped lion 4

4th part

In the forest

We went closer to the cave. We saw the escaped lion.The lion went into the cave. We went into the cave and we saw a beautiful land beside a river. 

We went back to Granny. It was lunch time we told, what we saw. She didn't believe her ears.

We went back to the cave with my Granny.
We saw the lion asleep, another lion came and he growled.
Everyone was suprised.

2011. május 9., hétfő

The escaped lion 3.

3rd part 

At Granny

When I arrived to Granny she asked "what do you want to do?" I answered "I'll wait for Granddad". She said"ok".

We had lunch in a half hour later. Granddad came home, he was holding a newspaper. He said "did you see the newspaper? It said a lion have been escaped".
We looked it in the newspaper.

After that with my Granddad we went for hunting and...
... we saw something yellow and orange. It was the lion, he was in a cave.

2011. május 4., szerda

The escaped lion 2.

2nd part

The letter

I went closer to the cage. I saw the lion that jumped over the ring, he ran away. I was terrified.
I went back to Mam and Dad into the circus.
It finished in 1 hour, then we went home.

Two weeks later a letter came from Granny. The letter said:
"My little fellow,
come over to me and have a little rest here. 

with love Granny"

I asked Mom "Could I go to my Granny?"
She said "Yes. Next week you could go."

2011. május 3., kedd

The escaped lion 1.

1st part

In the circus

When I was in the circus a lion tamer was holding a circus ring that was on fire the lion jumped into the ring out 5 times. It was cool to watch it. The lion tamer went with the lion to the back of the circus. It was a little rest.
I went out to buy an ice-cream. I heard a strange noise. It was a cage. I went there to see, what is it.
I  saw a key on the floor and I saw a lock, an open lock on the cage.